Studio Moe

Main Services Pricing


Starting from €120* (smaller size projects). Standard projects range from €150-200* while bigger projects range from €250* and up.

The cost of a mixing project depends on the number of audio channels present and the studio time involved. A standard project includes on average 10-30 stems.

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Mastering for digital release costs €40* per song.

Mastering for CD (DDP) costs €60* per song and includes digital release mastering.

Streaming versions for (Apple Music, Spotify, etc) are available at no extra cost.

Dynamic Discounts:
5-14 songs = 10% discount
15+ songs = 15% discount


Stem Mastering costs €80* per song (maximum of 8 stems per song).

For CD release (DDP) there is a €20* additional cost per song.

Streaming versions for (Apple Music, Spotify, etc) are available at no extra cost.

Dynamic Discounts:
5-9 songs = 10% discount
10+ songs = 15% discount

Extra Services Pricing


Live-Set Mastering costs €30* for recordings up to 2 hours long.

For longer recordings, there is an extra charge of €10* per hour.


Small projects start from €200* to €500*

Good for producers who have the bulk of production finished but want to take their track to the next level.

Full production starts from €500* and up.

This can range from in-house production (start to finish) to more complex projects involving session musicians and recording studios.

NOTE: Production cost does not include mixing or mastering unless otherwise agreed.


Smaller projects requiring minimal processing start at €30* while projects including multiple services or heavy processing range from €50* and up.

This includes: Vocal Processing (EQ, Dynamics, De-Essing, etc.), Vocal Tuning and Correction (Melodyne), Editing (Drum, Instrument, Vocal) and Quantising

However, please note: Audio Restoration is a completely separate service starting at €100*
*VAT not included.
VAT-exempt payment is possible for customers outside of Germany with a valid VAT-ID (or equivalent Business Registration Number)